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If you would like to contribute an article to our website for consideration please use the contact us page after reading the following guidelines.

We are looking to accept unique articles between 500 – 1000 words in length in the areas of psychospiritual support, however, we also encourage contributing selectively chosen extracts from books on relevant topics by authors that are appropriate and topics fall within the context of psychospiritual support, spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency.

We also allow links to other articles and resources where relevant but may object to anything that is seen as overly self-promotional and light on any meaningful content or shared value. We allow many instances that are considered to be reasonable or in balance in relation to the value of the article. We also allow and encourage authors of articles to include a description and link back to their main websites or online profile.

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We also have a page specifically for listing books on relevant spiritual health and spiritual emergency topics that you may wish to submit for possible inclusion to our site. Books that are topically relevant may be added to the appropriate section, when submitting an item please mention the category or categories you’re seeking inclusion in your initial e-mail, however, they may be subject to change if we feel that another category is more relevant. Inclusion isn’t guaranteed, but we are looking for high quality and topical book recommendations and suggestions for this emerging field.

We also have a page designated exclusively for listing online resources including videos, documentaries, online groups and youtube channels.


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