How to Ground your Spiritual Energy

Shamanic Tree Roots

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This short guide will teach you how to ground your spiritual energy which is useful for energy healers and therapists, psychics or anyone going through a spiritual awakening.

During a spiritual awakening, a person will typically experience strong currents of subtle energy flowing through different parts of the physical and spiritual bodies as their spiritual energy system becomes unblocked and begins to flow with this fine energy. Energy can either be experienced as currents of energy both slow and at times more intense, they can be really hard to control and handle at times making us both uncomfortable and energetically ungrounded, which is where this grounding practice comes in.

Once the subtle metaphysical spiritual anatomy is awakened in a person, their subtle energy will typically begin to flow down the legs and out into the earth exiting from behind the backs of the toes, which may feel like a strong rippling current that will make the toes appear to want to flex and make small spontaneous movements on their own and they will buzz and tingle. Eventually, this energy will connect up and it will be felt running and connecting all the way up the legs and into the pelvic basin. The movement and tactile sensations of this can be surprising for someone that has never experienced their own energy so tangibly before.

Grounding Energy

During a spiritual awakening people may also experience intense emotional energies rising to the surface that correspond to suppressed grievances and traumas that have never been fully acknowledged, processed or resolved from the combined (body, mind and soul) and these energies require a different sort of grounding in order to remove the energy from the body and send it safely away into the earth for transmutation.

A person that does not ground these strong emotional energies during an energetic clearing are likely to find themselves becoming emotionally and energetically unstable as the energy interacts with the inner energy fields of the body resulting in someone who is totally mind-identified acting out the consequences of these suppressed emotions as they become perceived and processed within the ego mind and body.

This can be expressed as an emotional form of self-possession as one loses control of one’s own thoughts and mind and then as a consequence they may also lose control of their physical body and actions which can threaten to result in a manic-episode and this is one of the causes of mania in an individual as the person loses a sense of self-perspective, situation and ungrounds in mind, body and spirit which often can progress in a psychotic state or psychosis.

Individuals who are are healers such as Reiki practitioners and psychics with natural spiritual gifts or anyone who is currently in the process of waking up latent spiritual gifts are also encouraged to practise this energy grounding technique outlined below to bring about energy stability.

Grounding and Earthing

Shamanic Root System

When your spiritual energy is surging or threatening to surge you can construct a Shamanic roots system in order to pull and direct your spiritual energy currents out from the body and safely down into the ground. Begin by finding somewhere comfortable where you can sit upright in a chair and your feet planted firmly with the soles of the feet square to the ground.

This grounding exercise is done by visualising in your mind’s eye, imagination or through using psychic-visualisation to build and see a strong root system emerging from your feet and burrowing deep down into the ground below you. This root system is metaphysical and constructed from subtle energy in a different plane of energy expression.

Ideally, you should see your roots passing through different layers of earth, rock and sediment in order to build a strong intention for its removal and grounding. Do your best to make the intention and picture clear and detailed in your visualisation, almost as if you are seeing a movie or video playing in your mind and seeing the roots spreading out and digging deeper like a tree until it goes beyond the lower levels of the earth crust, mantles and wraps around a solid iron core.

The basis for these exercises came into my awareness of the two modern western Shaman’s by the names of Steve Deeks-D’silva and Mary Muller Shutan.

For inspired visionary concept art depicting this roots visualisation please check out Erica Wexler’s artwork for a great graphical depiction.

Erica Wexler Artwork


This same shamanic root grounding exercise can also be used for removing a range of negative spiritual energies from the body by directing them out of the body, down the legs and sucking them out by the feet chakras where they can be directed safely away and may then either bleed into the earth or by sending them directly into the core where Gaia and mother earth can begin a transmutational process upon them. People who have clairvoyance or gifted psychics may even experience Gaia or other nature spirits like the Fey in their personified human apparitional forms visiting you as they can assist in your own clearing and grounding efforts.

In order for the visualisation and grounding to be most effective, you will need to concentrate and be very deliberate with your intentions about what you’re trying to achieve. This grounding exercise can even be done in a top-floor flat or high rise apartment as in these instances energy grounds through one of the lower off-body chakras positioned below the feet and off the body.

Barefoot earthing and grounding


Barefoot Earthing

We each have chakras in the base of each foot in order to facilitate natural earthing and grounding and so walking barefoot on the earth is one of the main ways of temporarily providing grounding for your spiritual energy, so simply take off your shoes and socks and find a patch of grass or dirt and start walking or sink your feet into some earth for a period of time. If you live near parks, forests, rivers, streams or near the sea or another place of natural beauty then these are also excellent locations to go grounding and clearing your energy. This method is preferable in an emergency situation like strong Kundalini energies as it may not be possible to concentrate on a visualisation exercise, however, be mindful of your level of self-control and strong energy can also lead to strong mental ungrounding and loss of awareness of one’s present situation, place and perspectives that can trigger a psychosis.

During intense times of energetic ungrounding, it is also possible to receive earth energy in order to provide grounding and this will rise from the earth chakra and travel through the feet and up the legs in order to provide inner stability to the body and soul within. I experienced this energetic earthing effect the first time during a panic-attack I was experiencing on a London tube train and during this, I silently and inwardly prayed for higher help from within the spirit realm who assisted by sending earth energy into me which felt as if it was coming from below the train carriage. I felt and perceived this as many combining energetic threads of white light weaving together and rising up my legs in a spiral pattern. I’m sure this helped prevent my state of panic from getting out of control. The second time I experienced this rare method of grounding was during a spiritual crisis situation during an instance of attempted spiritual possession by a malicious dark spirit entity interacting with me.


Grounding with Crystals

Two of my preferred grounding crystals are Hematite iron in the form of large palm stones and large pieces of flint stone. I will tend to place the smooth and flat hematites behind the spine at the tailbone position and then I will often rest my feet on the large pieces of flint stone that are placed at the end of my bed and this has helped to prevent instances of insomnia due to racing energy.

Grounding Circle

I hope that you can now use this in order to support yourself or others through the spiritual awakening process, happy grounding and connecting with mother earth!

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